Eşrefzade Mosque

Eşrefzade Mosque

Eşrefzade Mosque

The Eşrefzade mosque, built in the name of Eşrefoğlu Rumi who founded Eşrefiye dergah(dervish lodge), is one of the landmarks of the city in terms of faith tourism.

Eşrefzade, also known as Eşrefoğlu Rumi, is a very important scientific person born in Iznik. This special person, who has been working at the Tekke(İslamic Monastery) for many years, sets up Eşrefiye Dervish Lodge. The Eşrefzade mosque, built in his name, is in a sense a complex-style building community. A charity association building is located in the western section of the mosque. In the northern section, a minaret independent of the mosque arouses interest. In times of resistance, unfortunately, the Greeks do great damage to the mosque. Especially the shrine part suffers serious damage in this process. It is presumed that the tomb had porched before it was demolished. It is restored very close to its original texture after the Republic.

The information presented in relation to Eşrefzade mosque contains contradictions. Many records say that Mükrime Hatun, the wife of Şehinşah, built the mosque in 1518. The most important reason for this uncertainty is that there is no inscription of the historical mosque that has survived to the present day. However, the ark belonging to Eşrefoğlu Abdullah Rumi is shown as a reference for some information. The minaret portion has great similarities with the Ali Pasha Mosque, which is physically located in the city. The minaret in the northern section of the mosque wall has an octagonal-shaped pedestal. At the same time, this place belongs to the class of single-minaret balcony mosques. The tile figures in certain parts of the mosque, which are woven with three rows of bricks and one row of cut stones, attract attention immediately.

The major restoration of the historic site, which took place in the 17th century, was completed in the IV. Murat. The Eşrefzade mosque has a generally rectangular plan. The main place of worship is entered through a pointed arched door. The street where the mosque is located is also called Eşrefoğlu Street. In the early years of the place, which is located between this street and Türbe Street, the mausoleum, devish lodge, hazire (a forbidden area surrounded with fences) and zawiyah are located at the same time.

Eşrefzade MosqueEşrefzade MosqueEşrefzade MosqueEşrefzade Mosque


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    Muazzam ancak dışarıdaki kabirler daha güzel bir çevre düzenlemesiyle muhafaza altına alınması lazım.


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