Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)

Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)

Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)

There are few cities in Turkey that can compete with the historical fabric of Bursa. Especially in this ancient city, which is home to numerous buildings with an emphasis on Ottoman tradition, the icons are too much to be underestimated.

 Bursa is a city that is known for its historical value. For instance, when said green or Hacivat and Karagöz, Bursa comes to mind initially. Especially because events in the historical stage show that entertains children during Ramadan pass in Bursa. In this aspect, this historical duo hosts sculptures, cultural facilities with its name and visual elements.

The Old Mirrored Bazaar is an authentic spot, also known as Hacivat handicrafts. It is one of the easiest jobs in the world to find almost everything that is sought in the name of fabric and silk in the bazaar famous for its friendly people. Various sizes of tourist items can also be purchased in the bazaar within the color feast.

The construction of the Old Mirrored Bazaar, one of the popular shopping and sightseeing places of Bursa, dates back to the 14th century. This bazaar, which was one of the first structures built after the region was under Ottoman rule from the Byzantine Empire, serves as a bathhouse for centuries. The bazaar, which has received its share of many major fires and earthquakes in Bursa in time, enters service as the bazaar after the restoration work underwent in 1958.

Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)Old Mirrored Bazaar (Hacivat handicrafts)


  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 07:48

    Şehrin ilk çarşısı dedikleri yermis. Dış görünümü harika ancak içerisi dağınık. Hacivat el sanatları daha derli toplu nakışlar, işlemeler harika.

  • soltkb4gl7po
    12.09.2023 11:02

    Ulucami çıkışında arada kalmış, hediyelik eşyaların satıldığı tarihi ve güzel bir çarşı


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