Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex

Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex

Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex

This Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex in Bursa is not essentially a Sultan's complex, but it is referred to in many sources as the Sultan's complex.

The Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex area is visited extensively by local visitors, especially during religious days. Both in the mosque and in the mausoleum, mevlit(islamic memorial service) is read almost every day. In fact, local people come to the shrine and pray before performing circumcision or wedding-like organizations. Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex welcomes visitors from every city of Turkey. The complex comes just after the Eyüp Sultan mausoleum in the city of Istanbul.

Emir Sultan Mosque was built in 1400s by Hundi Hatun, daughter of Bayezid Yıldırım. He attributes the mosque to the Emir Sultan at the time. The most important feature of Emir Sultan Mosque is that it has the largest dome compared to other mosques located in the city. These domes were completely destroyed in 1795. Exactly 9 years after that, III. Selim repairs destroyed domes. Another remarkable feature of Emir Sultan Mosque is its large courtyard. This makes it an important privilege for visitors to visit the area. The time to visit the mosque or shrine is set between 08:00 and 17:00.

The Tomb of the Emir Sultan loses its structural identity to a large extent today. Despite this, the shrine is still of interest due to its spiritual value. The Emir is a person who has gained the rank of Sultan’ curatorship. He is also said to be a descendant of the Prophet.

Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex contains many centuries-old trees. Bath was incorporated into the complex in 1429 and sema rites were often performed here in the early periods. For this purpose, an imaret is built to accommodate dervishes.

Emir Sultan Mosque and ComplexEmir Sultan Mosque and Complex


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