Ebe (Gülbahar) Hatun Mausoleum

Ebe (Gülbahar) Hatun Mausoleum

Ebe (Gülbahar) Hatun Mausoleum

Many important figures for the Ottoman Empire lost their lives in the city of Bursa, so it is possible to encounter a large number of shrines in this area. One of these symbol names is undoubtedly Gülbahar Hatun.

Gülbahar Hatun, also known as Ebe Hatun, is known as the person who gave birth to Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Gülbahar Hatun is sometimes confused with Gülbahar Hatun, who is the mother of Yavuz Sultan Selim. He is seen as a worthy man who respected the word of those times. Ebe Hatun, whose spiritual meaning is very great for Fatih Sultan Mehmet, enters the palace in 1446.

Her tomb is today located in Muradiye District of Osmangazi District of Bursa. The Tomb of Ebe Hatun is located in the hazere section of the Muradiye mosque. No inscription is found in this tomb, which is of interest to local visitors. The shrine measures approximately 4.4 by 4.4 meters and has a square plan. It has a magnificent dome resting on pointed arches. The side sections of the tomb are completely open. In the lower section of the arches, the wooden tensioners are admired. The upper part of the dome is covered with lead material from the outside. The ark belonging to Ebe Hatun is made of marble and is located 1 meter above the ground. Due to the lack of an inscription, there can be no confirmed information as to who the person who lies here is essentially. By reference to written sources, it is estimated that the person lying here was Gülbahar Hatun, who was the midwife of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror.

The Tomb of Ebe Hatun, which has a fairly simple structure, is located within the Muradiye shrines. It is possible to mention only two structures which are open around these shrines. This particular shrine is mentioned in the records as a “heraldic shrine”. It is considered as quite modest compared to other heraldic shrines. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality makes a detailed restoration work for the shrine in 2014.

Ebe (Gülbahar) Hatun MausoleumEbe (Gülbahar) Hatun MausoleumEbe (Gülbahar) Hatun Mausoleum


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    I. Gülbahar Hatun Gülbahar Hatun'un hayatı hakkındaki bilgiler oldukça sınırlıdır. Arnavut, Sırp veya Fransız asıllı olduğu rivayet edilmektedir.


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