Çukur Khan (Kütahya Khan)

Çukur Khan (Kütahya Khan)

Çukur Khan (Kütahya Khan)

The historical Çukur Khan in Bursa is also referred as ‘Kütahya Khan’ in some sources. Located on Tuzpazarı Street, the historic khan is known that it was built during the reign of II.Murat. The signature of Bukhara Emir Effendi is seen in the construction of the khan. He is also the son-in-law of Yildirim Bayezid.

The khan draws attention immediately with its structure of smooth cut stones. The khan is evaluated in the category of two-storey and courtyard khan in Bursa. It consists of high porches and rooms visible behind them. Some of the original parts of the khan do not survive to the present day. Only three of the ground floor cells in the southern section and the door arch stairs in the western section are counted among the parts that can reach today. Even these limited spaces are enough to reflect the grandeur of the khan.

Çukur Khan, or, in other words, Kütahya Khan, was created in 1396. The Bursa series registers are used because the construction date of the building does not have any inscriptions. Built on a total area of 720 square meters, Çukur Khan is a first-degree historical monument. It also passes as a monumental structure in written sources.

There are 19 rooms on the second floor of the khan. These rooms have an average size of 12-15 square meters. On the ground floor, there are 18 large rooms. The volume of these rooms is 20-25 square meters. One section of Çukur Khan faces Tuzpazarı Street and the other section faces Kütahya Han Street. Both sections of the khan have an entrance gate. Today, it is seen that there are masters who keep Turkish-Islamic crafts alive in Çukur Khan. These arts include painting, rosary, illumination, tile, calligrapher and marbling. Although khan suffered very serious damage in the Jalali riots, it underwent repair in the same process.

Çukur Khan (Kütahya Khan)Çukur Khan (Kütahya Khan)Çukur Khan (Kütahya Khan)


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