Çakırağa Hammam

Çakırağa Hammam

Çakırağa Hammam

Bursa is one of the cities whose development has accelerated with the progress made by the Ottoman Empire in different geographies. However, zoning activities also gain momentum in the case of continuity. Undoubtedly, Çakırağa Hammam is one of the most prominent baths at this point.

In one of the busiest spots, the Çakırağa Bath is located in the heart of today's city life, in a 700-year-old area known as the Khanlar District. During the time of 6th Ottoman Sultan II.Murad, the hamam built by Çakir Aga, who took part in the military administration, being Subaşı, Sekbanbaşı and Çakırcıbaşı reflects the Turkish bath culture and philosophy of the Ottoman Empire. In this philosophy there is not only cleansing the body, but also purifying the soul.

The bathhouse, which has two separate sections for men and women, although it is relatively small, draws attention to its dressing areas, extensive bathing areas and covered dome. The dome was raised with additional architectural elements and two shops outside the bath were built to bring in an additional income.

Finally, the Çakırağa Hammam, which was repaired in 1962, is one of the landmarks in Bursa and one of the most important tourist attractions of the city with its quality of service and hygiene.…

The historic bath, which continues to serve as the first day even after centuries, can be entered every day from 10:00 am.

Çakırağa HammamÇakırağa HammamÇakırağa Hammam


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    07.03.2023 13:29

    Çakır ağa hamamı şehrin kalbinde ve hâlâ faaliyetine devam Hamam, Sultan II. Murad döneminde Bursa ve İstanbul Subaşısı, Sekban Başı ve Çakırcı Başı görevlerini yürüten Çakır Ağa tarafından yaptırılmıştır.


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