Bursa Forestry Museum

Bursa Forestry Museum

Bursa Forestry Museum

The Forestry Museum in Bursa is known as the first museum opened in this area. This interesting museum has been transformed from a historic building known as the’ Saatçi Köşkü (Clockmaker's Lodge)'.

The pavilion, where Bursa Forestry Museum is located, offers traces of 19th century civic architecture. Bursa Forestry Museum, located on Çekirge Street, attracts great attention from visitors with its fountain, trees and artifacts in its contents. The pavilion used for the museum is essentially considered as a home for quite some time. Used as ‘Bursa Forest School’ in 1939. Bursa Regional Forestry Directorate holds the property rights of this place until 1983. The fact that the place continues on its path as Bursa Forestry Museum corresponds to 1989. The owner of the mansion is Saatçı(clockmaker) Ali Effendi, one of the leading figures of Bursa. The details about the decoration in the pavilion fill the eye, especially the decorations in the interior of the pergola is one of the admirable elements.

In the museum, a total of around 3 thousand works about forestry from the Ottoman Empire until today are exhibited. Photographs, historical maps, fossil collections or various materials used in forestry, especially those reflecting the lives of people working in forestry, are displayed in the museum. The 50-million-year-old larch and yellow pine fossils in the fossil collection are exciting. Fossils belonging to redwood and walnut trees in the same area add value to the collection. On the other hand, the works which have been mummified with the aim of introducing the various animals living in the woodlands are also included in the museum.

Tree sections are located in various parts of the museum. In this sense, you can feel yourself in a really dense woodland when you are visiting the museum. You can visit Bursa Forestry Museum to see fauna and flora fossils dating back millions of years. A second example of the Bursa Forestry Museum, which makes significant contributions to Bursa tourism, is not found in our country. The museum can be visited every weekday and is open between 08:00 and 17:00.

Bursa Forestry MuseumBursa Forestry MuseumBursa Forestry MuseumBursa Forestry Museum


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