Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate)

Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate)

Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate)

The diversity of Anatolian history is quite astonishing. It is known that many different states and empires ruled in the territory of the Republic of Turkey. However, Bursa Castle, which dates back approximately 2,400 years, is one of the most attractive works of the city.

Bursa Castle is one of the traces of the Thracian origin Kingdom in the region, which had dominated the region for nearly 300 years, starting from 377 BC. The castle, also known as the Sultanate gate by some people and historians, is one of the points visited by almost every local citizen in the city at least once, since it was used by sultans and important statesmen in the Ottoman Empire.

Founded in the 2nd century BC, the castle is used actively in various dominions from Rome to Byzantium to the Ottoman Empire for centuries. The castle, which is mentioned in historical records as having 67 towers and five gates, is also noted for its length of 4 kilometers.

The interior of the castle, built with cut stones, also has a room for observation. The walls, made with knitting technique, have a very stylish appearance. It is known that the fortifications surrounding the city, especially the trade routes in Bursa, were damaged in the great earthquake of 1855. On the other hand, as a result of the restoration works started in 2002, the walls were renewed at a significant level in 2005.

In addition to the castle walls and gates, Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate), in which thousands of years old columns, tombs, inscriptions and various ruins can be seen, has the characteristic of an area that retains its touristic value with its battlements, arches and historical atmosphere.

Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate)Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate)Bursa Castle (Sultanat Gate)


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