Balikpazari (New) Mosque

Balikpazari (New) Mosque

Balikpazari (New) Mosque

Balıkpazarı (New) Mosque is located in Balıkpazarı District of Gemlik district of Bursa. Since there is no construction inscription, it is not known exactly when and by whom the building was built. However, it is known that the mosque was a church named Paragia Pazariotissa before the exchange events that took place between 1922 and 1923. Since the church was converted into a mosque after the population exchange period and is located at the bottom of a market where fishermen predominate, it takes the name Balıkpazarı (New) Mosque. Because although the building is not new, the purpose of use and the people who use it have been renewed. Moreover, a minaret was built on the northeast corner shortly after the building was converted into a mosque.

Balıkpazarı (New) Mosque suffered moderate damage in the 7.4 richter scale earthquake on 17 August 1999, the epicenter of which was Gölcük, lasting 45 seconds. For this reason, it is closed to worship for a while.

The building, which was built on an area of ​​307 square meters in total, with an area of ​​240 square meters and located in the east-west direction, has a rectangular plan and is of the type that reflects the Greek cross scheme. The middle part is completed with one big and four half domes. Balıkpazarı (New) Mosque, which has a minaret with a single balcony, has a mahfil accessed by stairs in the interior and a fountain in its courtyard.

Balikpazari (New) MosqueBalikpazari (New) MosqueBalikpazari (New) Mosque


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