Atatürk City Forest

Atatürk City Forest

Atatürk City Forest

The Atatürk City Forest, which is always included in the list of places to visit in Bursa, covers an area of approximately 150 hectares in size.

The fact that such a great natural beauty is close to the city center is also seen as a great advantage. In this sense, Atatürk Urban Forest does not cause difficulties to the local people in terms of transportation. The picnic area has a lot of lighting so time can be spent until late at night. In fact, people often prefer this place for Iftar during Ramadan.

There are many children's playgrounds in the Atatürk City Forest. There is no ban on barbecuing in this large promenade area. Fireplaces are even included for barbecues. As the Urban Forest is quite large, it does not cause any trouble about parking. The only problem for the region is that it has a terrific crowd in the summer. For this reason, people prefer to come very early in order not to have a space problem. Entrance to Atatürk City Forest is charged. The urban forest, which embraces a very wide landscape, has a large number of indoor and outdoor gazebos. Especially the left side of the forest has a great view of Bursa. For this reason, those who arrive at the early hours first fill this part of the forest.

Atatürk City Forest is active between 08: 00 and 22:00 hours. Car, minibus and bus entrance fees are different from each other. The Atatürk City Forest is located in the Gümüştepe neighborhood of Nilüfer District and is easily accessible by public transport. You can choose B20/A or B20/B buses departing from Acemler metro station. These buses will take you down just one street from the Atatürk City Forest. A large number of meat selling points and buffets serve in the forest to meet the needs of visitors who do not bring food with them. At the same time, special areas are available for washing dishes in five separate areas.

Atatürk City ForestAtatürk City ForestAtatürk City ForestAtatürk City Forest


  • 0jdebbxg
    24.10.2022 14:11

    Pazar günleri piknik alanı çok kalabalık olsa da şehrin nefes almak için en güzel yerlerinden biridir.

  • beyzakorkmazzx
    19.07.2022 09:25

    Şehre yakın olmasıyla ulaşımın çok kolay olduğu, hafta sonlarını değerlendirmek için güzel bir orman


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