Alaaddin Pasha Mosque

Alaaddin Pasha Mosque

Alaaddin Pasha Mosque

According to the references provided by written sources from the Ottoman period, Alaaddin Pasha Mosque was built by Alaaddin Bey, brother of Orhan Bey, and the year of construction of the mosque is recorded as 1326.

Alaaddin Pasha Mosque is the first mosque in Bursa. Although such an old mosque has undergone many repairs, it is a great thrill for visitors to reach its present day. The mosque gets its first major damage with the earthquake in 1855. A major repair takes place just six years after this earthquake. During this repair, especially the portico parts of the mosque undergo major changes. The triangular pediments, which are not compatible with Ottoman architecture, attract immediate attention.

After the repair of the damaged areas, this place opens again to worship. After this restoration, the mosque continues in this form until 1960. As a result of the intense efforts of Bursa Antiquities Lovers Institution, a new repair will take place that year. The Alaaddin Pasha Mosque, which measures 8.10 by 8.30 meters in diameter, has a basically square plan. The lectern section of the minaret is embedded in a wall belonging to the last communion place. It can be observed that the Harim(sanctuary) section is covered by a very large dome. In minaret of the historical mosque, whose minaret is constructed of brick, the figures of Conifer worked on marble stand out.

In the city of Bursa, within the scope of the castle, there is a masjid with the signature of Alaaddin Bey in the area towards the spa gate. It is not known exactly when this Masjid was destroyed. Alaaddin Pasha Mosque located in Hisar district within the city of Bursa is among the mosques called ‘Adverse T’. It manages to be a pioneer in a sense for mosques produced in this style after itself. Some of the materials known from the Byzantine period are also included for the building.

Alaaddin Pasha MosqueAlaaddin Pasha MosqueAlaaddin Pasha MosqueAlaaddin Pasha Mosque


  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 08:10

    Osmanlının ilk camisi 1326 senesinde yapilmis bir cami herkesin gidip ziyarette bulunup ibadet yapmasını tavsiye ederim camii yaptıran Alaaddin paşanın turbeside bulunmakta.


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