Acem Reis Mosque

Acem Reis Mosque

Acem Reis Mosque

The Acem Reis mosque is located in the eastern part of Demirtas mosque. The historical mosque, which is situated on the Güzel Kız Street, is also known as the ‘Arab Dede Mosque’ among the people.

It is known that the historical mosque was built by Bedreddin Mehmet Acem. He was one of the teachers of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the most famous Sultan of the Ottoman Empire at that time. At the entrance of the Acem Reis Mosque, which has an internal dimension of about 7 meters,there is the last place of communion. Three rows of bricks were used on the walls of the mosque, whose main place of worship was covered by a large and ostentatious dome. The eye in the middle section is under the Bursa-type pointed arches. This section is also covered with mirrored vaults.

Hazire(a forbidden area surrounded by fences) part of the Acem Reis mosque being the middle of the two roads has become smaller. As of today, only a few graves remain in this area. According to the information provided, the mosque was built in 1516. Bedreddin Mahmut, who built the mosque, was a merchant of Tabriz origin who was well known in Bursa at that time. When he died in 1517, he was buried next to this mosque. He made the mosque built, but at the same time, a school was also built here by him, but the place where this school is today is lost.

Jalali riots began in the century in which the mosque was built. In 1608, several gangs in the city damaged the Acem Reis mosque. On the other hand, in 1855, the historic mosque faced a major earthquake disaster. As a result of this earthquake, part of the minaret is destroyed. For a very long time the mosque remains without minarets due to financial impossibilities. Bursa Antiquities lovers institution, after the Republic, even if they want to repair the mosque can not get the support they desire. This situation continues until 1957. The Foundation Administration also step in the situation in 1958 and, with the help of some philanthropists, completed the restoration.

Acem Reis Mosque Acem Reis Mosque Acem Reis Mosque


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