Abdal Mehmet Mosque

Abdal Mehmet Mosque

Abdal Mehmet Mosque

Abdal Mehmet Mosque, one of the places of worship visited by visitors to Bursa, is located at the intersection of Abdal Street and Tahal Street. Abdal Mehmet is one of the most well-known Sufis of the II.Murat period. Basçı Ibrahim dedicates this historic mosque to Abdal Mehmet at that time.

The mosque is rectangular in plan. Just above this plan, there are two oval domes. There is also a mausoleum and fountain in the immediate side of Abdal Mehmet mosque. The first major repair of the mosque took place in 1955. This repair is organized by Bursa Antiquities lovers institution. The historical mosque, inherited from the 15th century, is surrounded by stone walls. The main entrance section of the mosque is on the north side.

The last congregation site is covered by three small domes. It is regarded as one of the largest among the local masjids in Bursa. The last communion of this place differs from other mosques in the city. The front of the section, which has three pointed arches, is covered with iron profiles. Two gates can be used to pass through this area to the actual place of worship. Between these two doors, there is a large altar. When the mihrab is closely examined, various ornamental details draw attention. 

Although a lot of information is transmitted in written sources, there is no inscription of the mosque that has survived to the present day. This naturally brings about some controversy about the period when the mosque was built. It is said in some sources that the mosque was built directly during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.

The interior of the mosque measures 8 times 15 meters. Lead coatings are prominent in the main domes. The pulleys of these domes are octagonal in shape. A total of three rows of windows illuminate the mosque. The cover sections of these windows are made of oak wood.

Abdal Mehmet MosqueAbdal Mehmet MosqueAbdal Mehmet MosqueAbdal Mehmet Mosque


  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 07:44

    Bursanin tarihi dokusunu yaşatan en sevdiğim noktalardan biri. Abdal cami ve çevresindeki Abdal fırını ve tarihi taş fırın gibi gelenekse kültürü yaşatan bu bölge mutlaka ziyaret edilmeli.


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