Hatila Glass Observation Terrace

Hatila Glass Observation Terrace

Hatila Glass Observation Terrace

Hatila Glass Observation Terrace is known as the largest glass terrace in our country. This touristic place in Artvin ensures tens of thousands of local visitors come here every year. Hatila Glass Observation Terrace is located within an area of ​​approximately 17 thousand hectares. This huge area, which also includes a glass viewing terrace, gained the status of a national park in 1994. Hatila Glass Observation Terrace, which stands out as one of the most important points in the national park with the Hatila Stream; It is ideal for activities such as camping, photography and trekking. At the same time, there are many accommodation options for those who come to the national park. Among these accommodation options, bungalow houses attract the most attention. The glass terrace, which is located close to the point called Bored Rock, has a magnificent view. The road was formed as a result of the rocks carved by the Russians in time. This interesting terrace, which is 12 kilometers away from the city center, is located at an altitude of about 500 meters. It is located 220 meters above the stream in the national park. Considering the combination of the rocks, it is included in a total area of ​​15 meters. The length and width are seven meters each. In total, an area of ​​fifty square meters can be mentioned. A certain fee is charged during the entrance to the national park. After paying this fee, you do not need to pay an additional fee for the glass terrace. You can get here by both buses and minibuses. The national park with its glass terrace offers endless biodiversity. Apart from the botanical diversity of the region, it immediately draws attention that it is home to different animal species. It is a natural habitat for different animal species, from foxes to martens, badgers and bears. Rock formations other than basalt columns cause a special topographic appearance.

Hatila Glass Observation TerraceHatila Glass Observation TerraceHatila Glass Observation TerraceHatila Glass Observation Terrace


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