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Uçansu Falls

Uçansu Falls

The Uçansu waterfall in Gündoğmuş, a district of Antalya that is not well known but worth exploring, is one of the most popular natural wonders of the city. Uçansu waterfall, which is one of the first addresses of those who want to get away from the sweltering temperatures of Antalya especially in the summer months, usually air temperature does not exceed 15 degrees Celsius. The Uçansu waterfall, born from the summit of the Taurus Mountains, fed by the snow waters from the Geyik and Akdag Mountains, offers a complete visual feast to the visitors in summer and winter. This natural wonder, also called as ‘hidden paradise in the forest’, is also the starting point of Alara Creek. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the water flowing from the waterfall reaches all the way from Manavgat district to the Mediterranean Sea. As an alternative tourism zone, Uçansu waterfall sees great interest not only from locals or tourists but also from foreigners. There are no facilities such as accommodation or food and drink, but certain studies are carried out in this direction, and more local products and cultural items are intended to be marketed. The waterfall, which is also popularly called in the form of Flying 1 and Flying 2, is open for visiting during any period of the year. The formation of limestone on the surface where the waterfalls are poured has led to the appearance of various stalactites. You should also consider visiting the ancient ruins of Pednelissos, which is very close to the Uçansu waterfall, where fun activities such as Jeep Safari, touring on a donkey in Indian costumes and rafting are also taking place. Other than rafting, different water sports can be done at the waterfall where the entrance is free of charge. The Uçansu waterfall, which is 70 kilometers from Antalya city center, is connected to Gebiz Town, but it will be enough for those who will come by private vehicle to follow the road to Serik.

Uçansu FallsUçansu FallsUçansu FallsUçansu Falls


  • teoman
    24.04.2022 19:14

    Burdaki bilgiler hatalı, görsel çündüre şelalesi ne ait ama Uçansu diye bahsediliyor verilen ilk bilgiler çündüre için ama en sonda Pednelissos ve Serik eklenince tam çorba olmuş, düzeltilmesini rica ederim

  • hamtunay
    30.03.2022 18:29

    buraya gitmek için yaz dönemi seçilmelidir, kış ve lkbahar döneminde yağışların fazla olması, uçansu ya geçişi engelleyecek yerlerin olması sıkıntıların oluşmasına geri dönülmesine sebep olur, zamanı iyi belirlemek gerekir, uçan 2 ye gitmek için yaya olarak uzun bir yol ve ormanı geçmek gerekecek, oraya vasıta ile gidilecek bir yol mevcut değil, ayrıca ayrıntılı bir yol güzergahı verilmediği için, sizin bu yazımızı okuyanlar, ya ormanda kaybolur yada geri dönerler.


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