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Termessos Ancient City

Termessos Ancient City

Termessos Antique City, waiting for its visitors in all its splendor, is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Turkey. Termessos Ancient City, located in the part known as Milyas in the southwest of the Pisidia Region, is established in the valley located on the summits of Güllük (Solymos) Mountain. This ancient city, formed by the Solyms, descendants of the Luwian people, one of the oldest civilizations in Anatolia, is located in a forest of dense plants. This ancient city and its surroundings, which is one of the best preserved among the ruins in a forest, has also been declared a national park by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Ancient City of Termessos is first seen on historical scenes during the reign of Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great, who besieged the city in 333 BC and wanted to take it, retreated due to the strong defense he faced. Termessos, who became famous all over Anatolia with his mighty defense, captured Isinda in 189 BC, although it was later taken by the Ptolemies. Immediately after, the people of Isinda presented their complaints to Rome. Thereupon, the people of Termessos were punished by the Roman Forces Commander Manlius Vulso. According to the information obtained from the historical ruins, there was a war between the Lycian League and Termessos. The city, which was ruled by Pisidia by Amyntas of Galatia between 36-25 BC, maintains its independence even during the Roman Empire period. The ancient city, which has no information about Byzantium and its later periods, did not host any other people after it was abandoned. The city, which consists of rocks and is therefore resistant to natural disasters, has not been damaged except by earthquakes. The ancient city of Termessos, which preserves its magnificent beauty almost on the first day, has been waiting for its explorers every day for hundreds of years.

Termessos Ancient CityTermessos Ancient CityTermessos Ancient CityTermessos Ancient City


  • kargidanecee
    11.11.2022 06:41

    Termessos Antalya nın en güzel ve özgün antik şehirlerinden birisidir. Antalya'nın dışında , Düzlerçamı mevkiinde, Termessos millinparkının içerisinde yeralıyor.


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