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Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque

Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque

Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, one of the many historical Ottoman buildings in Antalya Castle, is estimated to have been built in the 17th century. Although the exact year of construction is not clear, it is believed that the mosque built in his name was built after the death of Tekeli Mehmet Pasha. Estimates of the mosque's construction date point to a date between 1606-1607. The mosque, which rises at the back of the Famous Clock Tower in Antalya, is close to the entrance gate of the castle, has three doors and has 16 windows in total. The Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, famous for its Ta'lik inscribed tile boards being a type developed in Iran has five domes, two of which are smaller in size, in addition to its dome on a high pulley. The minaret of the mosque, which has a simple interior design, has been in very good condition until today. Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, which has undergone extensive repairs twice in history, has been restored and opened for worship, most recently between 2019-2020, to include environmental regulations. It is among the historical structures recommended to be seen with both its high spiritual aspect and artistic significance.

Tekeli Mehmet Pasha MosqueTekeli Mehmet Pasha MosqueTekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 07:49

    Antalyanin tarihi camilerinden. sehrin merkezin de yapım ili tam bilinmemekte kiliseden devşirme. 16yy dan kalma.

  • gunessygz
    05.01.2023 11:24

    Dünyaca ünlü tarihi Kaleiçi'nde Tekeli Mehmet Paşa tarafından 1606-1616 yıllarında yaptırıldığı tahmin edilen Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Camisi'nde,kubbelerinin papatyaya benzerliği dolayısıyla "taş papatya" diye de anılır


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