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Ancient City of Syedra

Ancient City of Syedra

The ancient city of Syedra is located within the borders of Seki Village, which is located about 20 kilometers from Alanya – Gazipasa road, and 20 kilometers east of Alanya district center. As a result of the excavations carried out by Alanya Archaeological Museum, it is thought that the date of establishment of the city dates back to the 7th century BC. After seeing the walls surrounding the ancient city of Syedra, which existed until the 13th century, you should also see the plastered water cisterns. There is no doubt that it will be a unique experience to see the structures that have survived from antiquity to the present day. One of the most interesting places of the ancient city of Syedra is the niche carved into the cave and rock and decorated with frescoes around it. Also known as the Baptist cave, this structure and the ruins of a flamboyant bathhouse in the eastern part of the ancient city are definitely worth seeing. Especially the mosaic decorations on the floor of the bath are very remarkable. With a length of 250 metres and a width of 10 metres, you can walk the colonnaded street covered with a wooden roof to the southeast of the ancient city of Syedra and see the most important sports centre of the city. You can visit the necropolis, acropolis, ruins of houses, city walls, shops, agora and temple as well as this area where sports matches and competitions were held from those times. Most of the finds and antiquities obtained from the excavations carried out since 1994 are exhibited in the Alanya Museum. If you go to the top of the road to the ancient city of Syedra, where admission is free, you can see the unique views of Alanya Castle and the Mediterranean Sea. The lintel of the gate, which is regarded as the entrance of the ancient city of Syedra and which has a monumental nature, welcomes its visitors with all its glory. The triple irrigation system, just to the right of the entrance door, also catches the eye. Although not all of the magnificent structure, which has the characteristic of being the only bathhouse in the city, has survived today, the mosaics on its floor still remain all its beauty.

Ancient City of SyedraAncient City of SyedraAncient City of SyedraAncient City of Syedra


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 07:53

    Mutlaka gidiniz Hayret verici yerlerden o tarihlerde o yukseklikte bir yere nasıl yapılmış Muhteşem bir manzara var

  • gunessygz
    05.01.2023 11:26

    Çok gezen birisiyim. Birçok antik kent gezdim. Burası en iyilerimin arasında oldu.


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