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Ancient City of Selinus

Ancient City of Selinus

The ancient city of Selinus, 3.5 kilometers from Gazipaşa on the Antalya – Mersin highway, was one of the most important trading ports in mountainous Cilicia in ancient times. The ancient city of Selinus, which was called ‘Sallune’ in the years 557 – 56 before Islam, has been reigned for centuries by countless civilizations, from Seljuks to Byzantines, from Romans to Helen. In the ancient city of Selinus, which has a distinct importance with its passing as the western border of the Prindu Kingdom, there are agora, acropolis, many baths, necropolis, monumental tombs, aqueducts, odeon, Şekerhane Mansion, whose reputation exceeds the provincial borders, and a church. The death of Emperor Traianus, who returned to Rome from the Parthian expedition in August 117 after Islam, in the ancient city of Selinus increased the interest in this place. You can reach the top of the medieval castle, which is one of the most interesting buildings of the ancient city, after 650 steps, and see the whole city from an air view. Koru Beach offers panoramic views of the natural pools, the marina and Selinus Beach, as well as stunning views. You can walk down Ugur Mumcu Street, which is home to some of the aqueducts, and then visit the famous Şekerhane Mansion. Another important place of the ancient city of Selinus, located in the southwestern part of Haji Musa Streamlet, is the monumental tombs in the necropolis. Also, let us remind you that a large part of the artifacts unearthed from the ancient city of Selinus are exhibited in the Alanya Museum. It is worth adding that most of the ostoteks in the museum were brought from the ancient city of Selinus.

Ancient City of SelinusAncient City of SelinusAncient City of Selinus


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