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The pleasure of building a sand castle by the sea for the children is always something else. They give life to the sand with their little touch with their tiny hands. Sandland in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya, where this fairytale experience is handled in a very different way, is an Activity Center where dreams become reality. Sandland, where more than 150 sculptures and structures made by sculptors on the shoreline using thousands of tons of river sand can be seen, is based on 10 thousand square meters of space. It is also possible to examine the world's largest sand sculptures almost every day of the year at the event site. Cinevision shows and various events are also organized in the area during certain periods of the year. Sand sculptures with rare details meet visitors each year with a different theme. In 2018, for example, statues of colossal heroes were exhibited under the theme set by the English word ‘Legends’, which was translated into Turkish as ‘Efsaneler’. In the meantime, sand sculptures and objects in Sandland have been prepared by experts from many countries around the world as a result of days of hard work. Sandland, which is open until 23:00 in the summer period, offers colourful watches with LED lighting and music displays. At Sandland, where children aged 3-12 can visit at a 50% discount rate, students and citizens of the Republic of Turkey are offered discounts at various rates. Children in the age range of 0-2 are free to enter here.



  • ezgicam
    24.08.2022 07:05

    60 TL giriş ücreti var otopark geniş bir alanda park derdi yok . Çoçuklar için oyun alanı yapılmış çocuklar orda eğlenirken siz rahatlıkla gezebilirsiniz 45 dk - 1 saat gezmeniz için yeterli olacaktır ilginç bir müze

  • yasinxerylmz
    22.08.2022 08:26

    Farklı bir tema, harika eserler. Özellikle yabancı turistlerin ilgisini çekiyor. Antalya'da gezip görülmesi gereken yerlerden biri

  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 10:24

    Bu sene sandland ta uzaya bakacagiz. *Uzayin onemli kesifcilerinin kumdan yapilmis heykellerini buyuk bir hayranlikla izleyebilirsiniz.


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