Patara Ancient Theatre

Patara Ancient Theatre

Patara Ancient Theatre

Patara Ancient Theatre, one of the most important structures of Patara ancient city, which can be easily reached from Kas and Kalkan, is thought to have been built in 147 years after Islam after the earthquake according to existing sources. Located only 42 kilometers from Kas, Patara Ancient Theatre is one of the most visited buildings in the ancient city of Patara, which was once the capital of Lycia. The ancient theatre, with a capacity of about 6 thousand people, is located in the southern part of the parliament building. During the first periods of the assembly building with a capacity of 400 people, the elders of the state gathered and took important decisions here. It should also be noted that it is possible to see an air view by going to Kurşunlu Hill, where Patara Beach has its back. The Ancient Theatre of Patara, where wild animal and gladiator fights were performed, is in the group of Greco-Roman style theatres, especially in the Roman period. At the top of the seating steps, which exceed the semicircle,there is the gallery. A tetrastylos planned temple located in the middle axis draws attention. This temple built in those times makes Patara Ancient Theatre unique among the Anatolian theatres. The Scaenae Frons, with niches, columns, aedicula and pediments made of granite, marble and local rock, are encountered as you enter the stage building, where the stonework unique to the Lycian region draws attention. The large square to the north of the Patara Ancient Theatre, which is located within the borders of the Kas District of Antalya, and the parliament building, named Boulterion, is located directly opposite. This square, which also joins with the colonnaded street running in a South-North direction, is known as one of the central districts of Patara. In the mid-1990s almost no part of the theatre could be seen due to the fact that the whole was covered with sand and vegetation. As a result of the work of the excavation team, Patara Ancient Theatre was fully uncovered.

Patara Ancient TheatrePatara Ancient TheatrePatara Ancient TheatrePatara Ancient Theatre


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