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Ancient City of Patara

Ancient City of Patara

Located between Fethiye town of Muğla and Kalkan town of Antalya and Patara ancient city, one of the most popular ancient cities in Turkey, is located within the borders of Ovagelmiş village in the southwestern part of the famous Xanthos Valley. The ancient city of Patara, which is one of the oldest cities in Lycia, has been excavating since 1988. It is possible to find artifacts from the Middle Bronze Age, Iron Age and many other periods in this ancient settlement, whose name is referred as ‘Patar’ in Hittite texts dated to the 13th century before Islam. The ancient city, whose name is known as Patara in the Lycian language, became the pioneer city of Lycia after it came under the rule of Ptolemaios in the 3rd century before Islam. After that, Patara, the capital of the Union of Lycia, experienced its golden age in this period. The ancient city of Patara, which continued to flourish during the Byzantine period, becomes an important center for Christians in time. In fact, it is worth saying that Santa Claus, whose real name is Saint Nicholas, is also from Patara. However, the magnificent Roman triumphal arch first attracts attention at the entrance of the ancient city of Patara, which was an important city during the Middle Ages. Kurşunlu Tepe, located in the southern part of the city, and the theatre just below it are definitely worth seeing. The Parliament Building, which is also known to host timely meetings, and the hole belt, which is located to the north of Firnaz Pier, can also be seen. Between April 15 and October 2 at 08:30-19:30, between October 3 and April 14 at 08:30-17:00, you can visit the ancient city of Patara, where you can get access with Patara dolmush from Kas and Kalkan.

Ancient City of PataraAncient City of PataraAncient City of PataraAncient City of Patara


  • xbegummx
    07.10.2022 12:18

    Patara plajına girişin müze kart ile alınmasının sebebi içindeki bu antik kent. Likya birliğinin başkenti. Bu sebeple içinde heybetli bir tiyatro ve harika bir meclis binası var. Hatta bu meclis binası, türkiye büyük millet meclisi tarafından restore ettirilmiş. Şu inceliğe bakın ya.

  • mustafaalii
    28.06.2022 06:56

    Bizans döneminden kalan eserlere rastlaya bilirsiniz kurşunlu tepeyede bakmalısınız muhakkak


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