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Osman Gazi District Mansion

Osman Gazi District Mansion

Osman Gazi District Mansion, whose construction cost 900 thousand TL, is a social and Cultural Center offered to the service of the local people. The internet is active, a computer room, a children's library, information, house, centre for women's ordination, multi-purpose hall and many other section of that neighborhood house during the year various events, symposia, conferences, courses and training offers. In the event calendar of Osman Gazi District Mansion where AKMEK courses are intensive, there are cinema and theatre screenings from time to time. In addition to the AKMEK courses, which take place at the information house and study center, informative seminars on education, health and social issues are also taking place. The Osman Gazi Mansion, where students and young people are particularly interested, has social and cultural activities throughout the year. Besides the activities of Antalya Kepez Vocational Training Courses, also known as AKMEK(ACVTC), various public demonstrations and symposia take place. Osman Gazi District Mansion, built on a total area of 3,129 square meters, has a three-storey structure, but the building also has a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 150 people, administrative office, kitchen, chat room and classrooms. English and Arabic courses in basic accounting, literacy, and computer use are also offered at Osman Gazi District Mansion, where there are courses in machine embroidery, home accessories, skewering and networking, dowry products preparation, English and many more.

Osman Gazi District MansionOsman Gazi District Mansion


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    Semt konaklarında, meslek ve sanat kurslarının yanı sıra gençlere ve çocuklara internet ve kütüphane hizmeti de verilecek. Eski İstanbul konakları mimarisinde yapılan tesislerde, bilgi evi, çocuk kütüphanesi ve kadın koordinasyon merkezi de olacakmış…


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