Mevlevihane Museum

Mevlevihane Museum

Mevlevihane Museum

The Mevlevihane Museum Complex, consisting of many structures including Nigar Hatun Tomb, Zincirkiran Mehmet Bey Tomb, Hammam and Mevlevihane, is located within the boundaries of Antalya city center, Kaleiçi region. The museum is easy to reach by public transport moving from the city centre. Antalya Mevlevihane, shown among the most notable structures of the museum complex and built on a high terrace, has a rectangular form. This Mevlevihane, which is thought to date back to the Seljuk period, has served as an Ottoman Mevlevihane since the beginning of the 16th century, according to sources, although its construction date is not known for certain. Mevlevihane Hammam, another important building in Mevlevihane Museum and built around Yivli Minaret mosque, was built in the history of Seljuk Sultan and It dates back to the period of I.Alaeddin Keykubat. This bath, which has an inscription on the lower level and a water tank at the rear, served as a ‘Palace Bath’ in the 13th century. The Tomb of Nigar Hatun, which is in the Mevlevihane Museum Complex, was built between 1450 and 1503. It is a mausoleum built in memory of Nigar Hatun, mother of Beyazid's son Şehzade(sultan’s son) Korkud. This historical shrine, where the pieces of marble from devshirmeh are immediately visible, is on a hexagonal plan but has a prism body. Built with cut and rubble stones, Nigar Hatun tomb and Zincirkiran Mehmet Bey tomb, which you can visit after Mevlevihane, dates back to the year 1377. Mevlevihane Museum is open to visit the period of Sunday and Monday 08:30-17:30 and other days 08:30-22:00, such activities as Islamic thought lessons, Mesnevi and Divan readings, Sema Ayin-I Sharifi and Sufi music can also be participated by visitors.

Mevlevihane MuseumMevlevihane MuseumMevlevihane MuseumMevlevihane Museum


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 11:02

    Manevi bir huzur ve huşu içinde dolaşabileceğiniz bir yer.

  • ezgicam
    24.08.2022 07:03

    Bir çok kez restorasyona uğradı Okadar güzel olmuşki içeriye girdiğiniz anda o döneme gidiyorsunuz. Çalan tasavvufi müzikle ferahlama hissettiriyor.

  • caglaacetin
    27.07.2022 08:09

    Mevlevilik hakkında detaylı bilgi sağlayan, Cumhuriyet meydanına yakın kültür turizimi için önemli noktalardan biri


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