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Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach, which is located in Antalya Kaleiçi and one of the smallest but also one of the most private beaches of the city, is located in the southern part of the Marina. The beach, named after Mermerli Köşk in the southeast of the port years ago, has the distinction of being the city's first beach when Antalya's tourism potential is not so high. According to local historians in the 1930s, marble beach was surrounded by wooden screens and used as a bathing place. However, the exact date of the beach's opening to the public dates back to the 1970s. The unique landscapes and historical texture of the region offered by the travertines rising from both slopes are certainly worth experiencing. Enjoying the trio of sea, sand and sun and breathing this historic atmosphere will be a unique experience. Mermerli Beach, which consists of rocky ground, also has sun loungers and umbrellas. With the takeover of the private enterprise, Mermerli Beach becomes cleaner and more orderly as of today. Mermerli Beach, where the quality of service is very high, is often preferred by families with children because it has a blue flag and the sea is undulating. Although the beach is small, as long as it is not the peak season, visitors can easily sunbathe and enter the sea in Mermerli Beach. Daily sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented at Mermerli Beach, where there is food and beverage facilities. The nearest camp site to Mermerli Beach is Roadside Camping, located in the historical Kaleiçi District of Muratpaşa, Antalya. Just a walk from the beach, you can consider apartment, boutique and hostel-style accommodation.

Mermerli BeachMermerli BeachMermerli Beach


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