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Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall

The Manavgat waterfall, one of the favorite sightseeing spots of the Mediterranean, is also one of the city's symbol stops. Manavgat is located a few minutes from the district center. The waterfall formed by the Manavgat River, which joins the Mediterranean Sea from the Taurus Mountains, is also among the most beautiful natural wonders of the city. Manavgat waterfall, where local and foreign tourists are attracted, is also famous for its turquoise green water. Also, the exuberance of the water pouring from high causes those who see the flow and the general view to be unable to take their eyes for long periods of time. The view can be enjoyed very much over the comfortable viewing terraces. In general, the region is an important tourist destination where all the needs are considered. Kiosks, rest areas, sinks and various shops are also available. It is also quite possible to spend a pleasant time at the food and drink points near the waterfall. You can especially enjoy fish such as fresh trout or carp. The waterfall, which can be reached by bus or minibus from Manavgat city centre as well as by private car, is among the ideal locations for a beautiful day with its fresh air, atmosphere and greenness that brings green and blue together.

Manavgat WaterfallManavgat WaterfallManavgat WaterfallManavgat Waterfall


  • zydgz
    18.07.2022 10:01

    kesinlikle çok güzel bir yer. şelalenin yanında oturabileceğiniz yerlerde var. bir doğa harikası

  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 08:20

    Mutkala görülmesi gereken inanılmaz bir doğa harikası. Çok güzel bir şelale, mükemmel bir su. Rengi doğası görüntüsü. İçerisi çok büyük değil dolayısıyla biraz kalabalıktı.

  • elektrogezgin
    18.07.2022 18:37

    Şelaleden akan suyun rengi parlak ve canlıyı aynı zamanda ortam çok ferahtı fakat ne yazık ki doya doya yaşayamadım, nedeni fazla kalabalık olmasıydı aynı zamanda fazlaca abartılmış olmasıydı aklınızdan dev gibi şelale gelmesin küçük ve kalabalık sadece satış yapmaya yarıyor yinede gitmişken görelim dedim!


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