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Museum of Lycian Civilizations

Museum of Lycian Civilizations

The Lycian Civilizations Museum is located in Çayağzi District of Demre district of Antalya, and is located within the borders of Andriake ruins, known as the port city of the ancient city of Myra. The building of the Lycian Museum of Civilizations, which was built after the restoration of the Granarium (Horrea Hadriani-Imperial silo) building dating back to 129-130 BC, has a total width of 2 thousand 307 square meters. Just behind the ticket office, there is an eight-minute promotional film about Lycian civilizations. The Museum of Lycian civilizations, which museum card holders can visit for free, consists of eight separate sections in total. Tilos, Xanthos, Patara, Myra, Arykanda, Antiphellos, Pinara and Olympos in the museum consisting of eight separate halls you can learn about the history of Lycia, as well as the economy, geography, Epigraphy, social life and religious culture of all Lycia civilizations. You should not miss the opportunity to see the examples of churches, synagogues, baths, granarium (grain storage), cisterns, agora/plakoma and merchant ships in the port city of Andriake, where the museum offers the opportunity to see the works of Lycian cities in person, or in the ruins of its present name. The ancient port and ancient ship specimens found outside the Lycian Civilizations Museum on the southern slope of the Andriake ruins are also among the places where curious visitors who come here do not return without seeing them. The Museum of Lycian civilizations, located about five kilometers southwest of the Demre district center, is accessible both by public transport and by private means. After visiting the Museum of Lycian civilizations, where there are interactive presentations, information boards and animation items, you should also visit the example of a Roman merchant ship in front of the building.

Museum of Lycian CivilizationsMuseum of Lycian CivilizationsMuseum of Lycian CivilizationsMuseum of Lycian Civilizations


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