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Kırkgöz Khan

Kırkgöz Khan

Kırkgöz is one of the most interesting places in Antalya. Kırkgöz Khan, located in the Pınarbaşı District of Döşemealtı district, is one of the most popular cultural places in the city. Kırkgöz Khan takes its name from the old name of Döşemealtı district. The reason this name was given to the district at the time is that there is a serious level of water supply here. Kırkgöz Khan, during the Seljuk period built by II.Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev Bin Keykubat. The khan was used as the last stop of the Silk Road before the port in the 1200s. It is an undeniable fact that the region remains economically viable. Kırkgöz Khan has recently been involved in a large-scale restoration process and has been reintroduced to tourism. Kırkgöz Khan, located on Burdur road and only 27 kilometers from Antalya city center, started construction in 1236. The construction process of the khan continued for 11 years. It stands out as one of the six caravanserais built by order of the Sultans at that time. It is architecturally separated from other caravanserais by its roof cover and also by its well and bastions in the courtyard. Kırkgöz Khan had a structure that could meet all kinds of needs of the soldiers during the war. In addition to food and beverages, there were baths and weapons stores. In addition, the khan was also used as an important accommodation area for merchants during those years. Kırkgöz Khan occupies an area of 2,750 square meters. Today, it hosts many events to suit the authentic spirit of the venue. The place stands out as one of the rare caravanserais that maintains its functionality and texture. The crown gate in the southern part of the khan is in the form of a rectangular prismal. The pointed arch, designed in the form of a broad border, opens directly towards the facade part. Double-row porches connected to the walls by arches also add a special colour. The mouth of a cistern was unearthed coincidentally during the repair process. Likewise, the remains of a ceramic kiln were encountered while restoration was underway.

Kırkgöz Khan Kırkgöz Khan Kırkgöz Khan Kırkgöz Khan


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    Burdur-Antalya arasında görülmesi gereken dört kervansaraydan birisi. Özel bir şirketin işlettiği tarihi bir mekan haline dönüştürülmüş.


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