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Kepez Municipality Urban Forest

Kepez Municipality Urban Forest

The Urban Forest, which reformalizes by the Kepez Municipality, is an important addition to the weekends of the people of Antalya. The Urban Forest, located in the northern part of the city, faces the zoo. For this reason, there is a chance for the families who come to visit the forest to do the two activities together. The Oak Gate Promenade in the City Forest is frequented by those who want to enjoy walking, sports or barbecues. The region, which is a large-scale facility, faces intense interest from the spring months. There is also one theatre building within the Kepez Municipality Urban Forest. The architectural structure of the theatre is designed in accordance with nature. It also has a structure resembling historic amps. In this section, which was established with the logic of a kind of culture and art facility, technical rooms and sinks were successfully placed outside the stage and backstage. The Urban Forest of Kepez Municipality hosts activities suitable for all age categories. In this sense, it is always a lively and active spot for the city. There are fun trails for both adults and children, especially in the recently incorporated Adventure Park. Activity tower rope trail, free fall area, climbing wall are just some of these fun spots. Kepez Municipality Urban Forest serves the people of Antalya successfully since 2015. There are currently 36 activity trails in total within the forest. In addition, a fun tour of the forest can be carried out by Gara train, which is brought to the Kent Forest. A total of 20 people ride these specially designed trains. Entrances to the Kent Forest, which promises a fun world with its adventure Forest, picnic area, theatre and businesses, are free for now.

Kepez Municipality Urban Forest Kepez Municipality Urban Forest Kepez Municipality Urban Forest Kepez Municipality Urban Forest


  • kargidanecee
    11.11.2022 06:37

    Çok güzel doğa harikası bir yer manzara inanılmaz muazzam bulutlara çok yakınsın sanki okadar güzel piknik alani ben çok beğendim gidilmeli bence


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