Iskele Mosque

Iskele Mosque

Iskele Mosque

Antalya, one of the castles of summer tourism, is also a city that stands out with its historical sites. Although it seems to have been eclipsed among the important mosques of the city, the Iskele Mosque has serious potential. There is some uncertainty about the period when the Iskele Mosque was built. Based on the dates of the construction of Karatay Madrasa, it can be seen that it dates back 800 years. The Iskele Mosque, which has the character of a Seljuk cluster according to its architectural features, is far from its deserved value. The share of the relatively more popular sacred places such as Yivli mosque, Kesik Minareli mosque, Yivli Minaret is large. The Iskele Mosque is very easy to reach. To get here, you will need to use the forty stairs at Kaleiçi Marina. As soon as you finish these stairs, the Iskele Mosque will be right in front of you in all its glory. Although there are inscriptions in the Iskele Mosque, it is not known what was written. There are also some estimates that the mosque was surrounded by a basikila. So there are certain gaps in its story and its past. The historic Iskele Mosque, located just below the city walls, was built on top of a water source. The mosque, which is supported by arch structures with feet, has six pillars in total. The entrance portion corresponds to the northern point of the mosque. There is also an inscription on the walls in the southwestern part. When extensive restoration work was carried out on Kaleiçi, this mosque was also overhauled. The most distinctive feature of the Iskele Mosque is the fact that it is the smallest mosque in Turkey.

Iskele Mosque Iskele Mosque Iskele Mosque


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