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Hadrian Gate

Hadrian Gate

Hadrian's Gate is one of the gates of the walls of the Roman Empire that surrounded the ancient city of Antalya in the 2nd century BC. The magnificent gate commemorating a visit by Hadrianus, who remained Roman Emperor between 117-138 and 130, is also known by the inhabitants of the region as the three gates because of its appearance. Hadrian's Gate, which has three crossing points (eyes), came to the present day very well protected, and this feature is probably due to the fact that it was made mainly of marble with the complete closure of the castle walls built later. In this way, the historical structure which has reached the present day in a very good way, was uncovered by the destruction of the castle walls. It is known that the upper floor of Hadrian's Gate, which is famous for its carved and relief decorations made of white marble except for its columns, was found, but this part was demolished over time. The inscription, artistic details and columns made with Corinthian style are notable and the various statues presumed to be located above Hadrian's Gate have not survived to the present day, among other information with high accuracy. In addition, various sculptures are exhibited around the historic gate, whose original decking in a very good condition can also be seen closely. Easy access, central location and being free of charge, Hadrian's gate, featured as one of the most preferred one, situated between Atatürk Avenue and Old Antalya, which are the busiest areas, promises traveling to literally thousands of years history… In the meantime, once we passed through the gate, the Hidirlik Tower, another 2nd century structure, which exits. A close-up view of the historic tower, famous for its views, is also recommended.

Hadrian GateHadrian GateHadrian Gate


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 10:50

    Güzel bir atmosfere sahip, kapının mimarisi mükemmel. Kapıdan geçtikten sonra kendinizi antik-modern bir yerde buluyorsunuz.

  • rumeysacakmakk
    07.07.2022 13:21

    Antalya merkez’de görülmesi gereken tarihi mekanlardan birisi Gezerken karşınıza adeta tarihe açılan bir kapı gibi çıkıveriyor.


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