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Gökbük Canyon

Gökbük Canyon

The canyon, which takes its name from the Gökbük neighborhood of Finike, is shown among the most important places of the city in terms of tourism, especially in the recent period. Gökbük Canyon, despite the increasing interest in the canyon, much larger masses are expected to explore. The canyon, which has a total length of four kilometers, is notable for its depth of 300 meters. The area is particularly suitable for activities such as trekking, swimming and canoeing. Apart from nature sports, there are also favorable physical conditions for paragliding. More often in summer and at weekends, Gökbük Canyon faces a serious influx of visitors. Located 150 kilometers from the city, the canyon admires the visitors with its charming and imposing appearance. To reach Gökbük Canyon, you must first reach Finike and then the village called Gökbük. You must follow the Elmalı road to reach this village. When it comes to transportation to the village, you can choose dolmush starting via Phoenicia(Finike). The canyon, where some endemic species live, is also home to species that have come to the point of extinction. Although it is still in the exploration phase, the number of tradesmen has reached the level to serve the visitors. Gökbük Canyon, which has not yet fully received the attention it deserves due to the difficulty of its transportation, offers a very ideal atmosphere for people who love peaceful and calm atmospheres. The canyon, which makes a difference with its wonderful nature and scenery, is also close to areas conducive to camping. The area also stands out as an ideal option for those who enjoy fishing. Mostly people who prefer Finike for holidays or camping enthusiasts visit the area. Gökbük Canyon, located on the western side of Antalya, is unfortunately overshadowed by Köprülü Canyon and Kıbrıs Canyon in Antalya. The popularity of the newly discovered Gökbük Canyon, especially in Water Walks, is expected to increase with the overcoming of the difficulties in transportation and promotion.

Gökbük CanyonGökbük CanyonGökbük Canyon


  • caglaacetin
    27.07.2022 08:03

    Doğanın içinde bulunan kamp, doğa yürüyüşü, kano, yüzme gibi imkanların bulunduğu sakin ve pek kabalık olmayan bir nokta

  • silapamuk
    15.09.2022 08:14

    Arkadaşlarla kamp için gitmeyi düşünüyoruz. Sizce uygun biryermi ?


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