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Evdir Khan

Evdir Khan

The khan in Antalya is estimated to have been built in 1219 BC. All of the walls of the khan, which has a rectangular design, are cut stone. The upper part of the khan is made up of rubble stone and all the remaining parts are made up of cut stone. Two corners of the khan, which is included in the class of four iwans khans, were completely demolished. In addition, certain parts of the curbs were damaged. There is a small altar on both sides of the niche. Thick cut stones can be seen in the inner courtyard section. Also at this point, the presence of pointed arch porches draws attention. Although the marble inscription of Evdir Khan has reached today, three lines of it are missing. Despite these shortcomings, It has been determined that it was built by I.Izzeddin Keykavus. Many characteristic features seen in Seljuk caravanserais in terms of architecture are based on this structure. In fact, the khan has a special place in terms of being the first place where this architectural style was represented in Anatolia. The adoption of four main gardens and an open courtyard in general form the foundations of this style. The decorations on the crown door and their use of marble immediately stand out. In this area, which is completely decorated, different geometric motifs were preferred. In the ribbon area above the arch are circles and slices of baklava that meet with knot motifs. In the muqarnas, oyster patterns also come to the fore. Evdir Khan, which managed to make a difference both with its plan and crown door decorations, has unfortunately not seen the value it deserves and has been left without a modicum of care in recent years. Between Antalya city center and Evdir Han, there is a distance of 18 kms. The khan is located near Yeşilbayır village on Korkuteli. There are no visiting restrictions for Evdir Khan. Therefore, you can visit the historic khan by visiting the area seven days a week. Entrance to the khan is free of charge.

Evdir KhanEvdir KhanEvdir KhanEvdir Khan


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 10:49

    Cok buyuk bir yer degil ama guzel.

  • xbegummx
    07.10.2022 11:22

    Han günümüze kadar iyi gelmiş.kapısı süslemeleriyle birlikte yerinde duruyor.dış duvarların çogu iyi.giriş ücreti olmayan bi yer.


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