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Düden Waterfall

Düden Waterfall

Düden Waterfall in the Kepez District of Antalya attracts all its glory as a popular natural beauty that welcomes domestic and foreign guests all year round. It takes a short walk to reach the waterfall, which is open to visitors every day. During this walk, the stream of spring water can be seen, and the sound of ducks in the green intertwined, peaceful minutes are experienced. The Düden Waterfall, which can then be seen together on a wide viewing terrace, where you can sit and take a stroll, appeals to both the eyes and the ears with the sound of intense flow and gives peace. The water of Düden Waterfall, which is also known by different names among the people, rises to the earth after a long journey under the ground and spills from the threshold by making a waterfall. In addition, the waterfall is separated into two channels after the location of the Düden stream and nine kilometers later reaches the Mediterranean Sea. Düden has plenty of water... In fact, it is stated that at least 10 cubic meters of water rises to the surface, the maximum flow rate is 94 cubic meters, and the average flow rate per second is 15-16 cubic meters. The waterfall, which is one of the outstanding natural beauties of Turkey, is an ideal spot for those who want to spend a pleasant time with their family and friends, take pictures, relax in a quiet atmosphere and listen to the sound of the water.

Düden WaterfallDüden WaterfallDüden WaterfallDüden Waterfall


  • irembozz
    01.07.2022 07:10

    Doğanın içinde kendinizi kaybediyorsunuz Şelale zaten insana huzur veriyor 😊

  • yasinxerylmz
    25.07.2022 08:31

    bol bol fotoğraf çekebileceğiniz huzur verici su sesine sahip doğa harikası

  • dunyada1i
    02.09.2022 18:15

    Bu fotoların olduğu yer "çağlayan" yani daha kuzeydeki düden şelalesi nin denize döküldüğü yer 😉 ama güzel, keyifli ve huzurlu bir yer


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