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Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art

Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art

The weaving factory, with its own special story, always stops in a special place for the people of Antalya. The historic Weaving Factory, which was once involved in a very intensive production process and now has to close its doors because it started to suffer in 2003, has been converted creatively with the contributions of the municipality of Kepez on condition that it remains in its original state. In the huge area called Weaving Park, creative space designs are carried out to appeal to people of all ages. This transformation is welcomed with great acclaim by the people of Antalya. Only one of them, the weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art, will receive a great deal of attention in a short time. There are separate projects for many parts of the historical Weaving Factory. The weaving Park Modern Art Gallery is converted into the factory's gallery. The gallery consists of four separate halls and has a total size of one thousand square meters. The opening of the gallery coincided with the second year of July 15. The opening day also hosted many competitions on the field of Fine Arts and also functioned as a rallying point for many soldiers detained in the July 15 coup attempt. That's exactly why its opening was specifically set for July 15. The Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art soon manages to guide the city's cultural events. The gallery, which was opened as a result of the intensive efforts of Hakan Tütüncü, inspires with its post-modern atmosphere. The gallery also hosts many art events. Not only the mess hall section, but all other areas are transformed by being true to their essence. The venue also functions as a reading hall, and a tea stove has been added here in a nostalgic structure, as it is inside the old refectory. Rail spot lighting techniques were used in all four halls.

Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art Weaving Park Gallery of Modern Art


  • kargidanecee
    11.11.2022 06:33

    Güzel bir sosyal alan. Ana girişin arka tarafında ücretsiz otopark bulunmakta. İçeride çok fazla gezilecek alanlar bulunmakta.


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