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Museum of Marine Biology

Museum of Marine Biology

in Antalya. Adding significant value to the city's tourist services, the museum is frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. 500 different species living in the seas in Turkey are exhibited in the Marine Biology Museum. The museum, which is a first in its field in this sense, is located in the Antalya Marina and has been serving enthusiasts since the beginning of 2014. In the Museum of Marine Biology, especially Dr. Elif Özgür has a very important work. Her 15 years of marine biology studies have a serious role in the museum's collection. Artist Ayhan Doğan stands out in the design and visual processes of the museum. The museum was designed in the form of a sunken pirate ship. For this reason, it is not only with its collections, but also with its exterior. The museum, which aims to bring art together with science, manages to show the biodiversity and richness of Turkey's seas in a different way. The main purpose of the museum is to highlight species that are particularly endangered or relatively less recognized. At the same time, the museum has an important mission in order to further adopt and properly convey the culture of the sea. The Museum of marine biology is highly appreciated by visitors as it is a place that boasts the natural heritage of Turkey. For groups of students who routinely visit the museum, the information provided here is very useful. The museum, which can be seen as a visual and catchy educational method, attracts the attention of educators in this sense. In certain parts of the museum, skeletons of large species such as sea mammals are shown. These skeletons are preserved for a long time without any deterioration thanks to fixative solutions. In the museum, you can find numerous species of sponges, corals, crabs, octopuses and Sharks.

Museum of Marine Biology Museum of Marine Biology


  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 11:01

    Giriş ücretsiz. Küçük, tatlı bir müze. Çeşit çeşit deniz canlısını yakından görebileceğiniz bir yer. Aracınız varsa dikkat edin, iskelenin girişindeki otopark sadece günlük tarifeyle çalışıyormuş.

  • xbegummx
    07.10.2022 11:40

    Antalya Merkez yat limanında. Çok tatlı iki katlı bir deniz müzesi. İçinde birçok çeşit suda dondurulmuş balık ve deniz canlısı var. Ücretsiz geçebileceğiniz bir yer.


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