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Çıralı Beach

Çıralı Beach

Çıralı Beach, which is considered to be one of the first beaches that comes to mind when it is called Antalya beaches, is located between the Olympos coast and the famous Yanartaş. Çıralı takes its name from the Yanartaş, which is located in Olympus itself and has never been extinguished for years. Caretta carettas is a symbol of Çıralı Beach. Because one of the breeding grounds of these cute animals is this beach. Due to the presence of sea turtles, the region has been declared a first-degree site. The beach and its surroundings have been protected for many years because of this situation which brought the construction ban. Çıralı Beach has a total length of 3.2 kilometers. Its width is 10 meters in some places and 30 meters in some places. Çıralı Beach, which is one of the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean region, rises slowly with a gentle slope after the sea. The sand is generally fine-grained in structure. In the southern section a stream, which comes directly from Olympus, meets the sea. The sea in Çıralı is very clean and clear, so it is among the priority preferences of local and foreign tourists. The tallest buildings in terms of construction are three storeys. Çıralı Beach which offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere is known as’ Hidden Paradise'. The region also creates a colorful image with numerous varieties of flowers and trees. Çıralı Beach is one of the beaches with Blue Flag status. The wave level is at a level that will not disturb those who enter the sea. To reach Çıralı Beach, Kumluca-Kas buses should be taken first, then minibuses departing Çıralı should be preferred. The visitors to Çıralı Beach, which is included in the borders of Kemer district, experience the privilege of witnessing different places thanks to the historical and cultural advantage of the region. Other than various waterfalls and streams, the ancient city of Olympus, Yanartaş, Tahtali Mountain are considered extremely close to the beach.

Çıralı BeachÇıralı BeachÇıralı BeachÇıralı Beach



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