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Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque

Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque

Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque, one of the most important cultural and historical values of Antalya, was founded in 1414 by Sultan I.Mehmet's leadership. The mosque, located in the district of Söğüt, bears traces of Ottoman architecture. In some sources, the Çelebi Sultan Mehmet mosque was built by Orhan Bey, the second Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, but there is no clear judgment. The construction of the house of worship was started in 1414 and after six years of feverish work, the mosque was completed. This historic Ottoman mosque, notable for its magnificent structure, is among the first domed examples. The first serious repair of the mosque, which has 12 domes resembling rectangles, was made during the reign of II.Abdulhamid. With this repair, the capacity of the mosque was expanded and some of the glitches were fixed. The main major repair process of the mosque corresponds to the year 1876. The architect Üsep journeyman undertook the major repair in 1876. Apart from the base of the minaret, radical changes were also made in the mosque at that time. The Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque, which has been in service since 1420, still offers some reflections from its original image today. 12 small domes of the mosque are supported by six columns. The large dome, on the other hand, is supported by four pillars. A special technique called as pendentive was used in the elegant arch structures in the interior area. At the same time, a large light lamp is placed in this section. The Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque, which has a large and spacious structure in general, attracts attention especially with the richness of its interior decorations. Cut stone and brick were used in the construction of the mosque and there are three separate gates to enter. Only the sentence door located in the northern part is fixed, but the other two doors are left open at all times. The minaret, which has been preserved to date, has an octagonal cross section.

Çelebi Sultan Mehmet MosqueÇelebi Sultan Mehmet MosqueÇelebi Sultan Mehmet MosqueÇelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque


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