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Glass Pyramid Fair and Congress Center

Glass Pyramid Fair and Congress Center

The glass pyramid fair and Congress Center was opened in Antalya in 1997. Antalya manages to be a pioneer especially in fair or convention center at that time. This center is considered to be the first fair and congress center in Turkey when it was opened. The foundations of the Glass Pyramid Fair and Convention Center were laid in 1996. The inaugural events were combined with the Golden Orange. Shortly after the break, it hosted the World Forestry Congress, a highly prestigious organization. After that period, it managed to become the first center that come to mind for organizations of this scale on a regular basis. The Glass Pyramid Fair and Convention Center occupies a total area of 4,500 square meters. It consists of two floors in total, ground and basement. The upper area is covered with a warm colored space roof style. There are three separate halls in total within the centre. Toros Hall has a capacity of 2,500 people, Meltem Hall 440 people and finally Düden Hall has a capacity of 330 people. Toros Hall is usually used for large organizations or congresses. The Taurus Hall occasionally hosts stand-up-like stage shows. This hall is located on the ground floor, while the other two halls are located in the basement. The halls on the lower floor have recently been used for weddings or private entertainment events. Sound and light levels are very strong in all three halls. At this point, it is seen that the latest technology is utilized. In the center, there are portable simultane booths outside of the Multivision systems. There are also four separate ornamental pools on the immediate exterior of the building. There are four separate entrances through bridges above the pools.

Glass Pyramid Fair and Congress Center Glass Pyramid Fair and Congress Center


  • caglaacetin
    27.07.2022 08:19

    İçerisinde yapay göllerin, ördeklerin, yürüyüş yollarının bulunduğu,fuarların düzenlendiği, bisiklet sürmek, kitap okumak, piknik yapmak için uygun, Antalya'ya yakışır huzurlu bir alan

  • ezgicam
    24.08.2022 07:15

    Burada kütüphane özel konferans alanlarının yanında harika bir göl parki var parkta kiralanan bisikletler ile tur atıp keyifli vakit geçirebilirsiniz.

  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 08:24

    Antalyada yeşilin doğanın denizle buluştuğu bölge ,gezmek oturmak stres atmak için süper bir mekan, ailenle vakit geçirebileceğiniz yegane mekan, kahvaltı yapabilir.


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