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Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos Theatre

Turkey is a country intertwined with the historical heritage of thousands of years of Anatolian geography. The Aspendos Theatre, located in the Serik District of Antalya, is among the most valuable historical ruins in this land, which is the scene of traces of civilizations in every corner from Izmir to Hatay, from Trabzon to Edirne. This building from the Roman period to the present day is not only a proof of the historical richness of Turkey; it is also one of the most visited buildings within the borders of the country by numerous local and foreign tourists during the year. The ancient Roman Theatre, built in the 2nd century BC, attracts attention with its size. It is shown among the 10 best preserved Roman period theatres in the world while bearing the traces of Rome in all its glory with its structural details. This space is a sanctuary that meets almost all the space and light needs of photography enthusiasts while telling visitors the signs of an unforgettable love of art. Since it has marble-covered seating areas, the structure which has reached today is very well and attracts attention with its robustness. In the Aspendos Theatre, where the stage was multi-storied, artists could use a large number of doors at the same time. Apart from this, the theatre with stone floors is semicircular. This historic building, which functions intensely even today with its acoustic properties, has an average capacity of 20 thousand people. Aspendos Theatre, which has become a very touristic place, also consists of a busy village that still lives around it. In this village, where there are many shopping points where products are sold to suit all the needs of the visitors, memorabilia and gift shops attract attention. We also want you to remember that you can take fun photos with the animators dressed in Gladiator costumes, with swords in your hands in summer.

Aspendos TheatreAspendos TheatreAspendos Theatre


  • xbegummx
    07.10.2022 13:18

    Arabanızı parkettiginiz ilk an bu dev tiyatro sizi devasa kapısıyla karşılıyor olacak içerisi için anlatmak yetmez gidin görün ama mutlaka görün. Restore edilmiş yerler kötü duruyor. Dans gösterileri mevcut onun için girişte bilet alabilirsiniz haftanın belli saatlerinde yapılıyor

  • Mahmut Koca
    15.08.2021 10:23

    Adres yanlış. Sarıabalı değil Belkıs mahallesi olacak.

  • GeziBilen Destek
    16.08.2021 10:27

    Mahmut bey geri dönüşünüz için çok teşekkür ederiz. Gerekli güncelleme yapıldı.✅


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