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Antalya Clock Tower

Antalya Clock Tower

In the historical scene, the beginning of the 1900s marks an interesting breakthrough in the field of clock tower construction in Anatolia. On the 25th anniversary of II.Abdülhamid's ascension to the throne, he wanted to build a large number of clock towers by edict, and then the construction started for the construction of the towers gained speed with a very feverish work. This is how the exit point of the clock tower, which is one of the symbol structures that defines the city in Antalya both at the time and today. Thus, the Antalya Clock Tower was completed in 1921 and started to serve. Antalya Clock Tower, located in the Kalekapisi on Cumhuriyet Street, has a different appearance from its original state today as a result of the repairs and restoration works it has undergone. The dome at the top of the tower, which was built as a square plan on a pentagonal bastion as part of the 2nd Century Roman fortifications, was removed in 1930 and replaced with a castle sign. There is a clock on the four sides of the tower which rises together with the square plan. Although the model and brand are unknown, the first clocks placed in the tower were replaced by electronic clocks and dials later. The bell of the first hours has survived to the present day. A hundred-year-old clock tower with a Turkish flag waving at its top is in an extremely busy area. Close to the clock tower, where both photography enthusiasts and visitors come to visit the region are very interested, there are also historical buildings and various recreational areas.

Antalya Clock TowerAntalya Clock TowerAntalya Clock Tower


  • silapamuk
    15.09.2022 08:04

    Kapalı yolun Kaleiçi’yle buluştuğu noktada sizi bu saat kulesi karşılayacak. Antalya’nın tam da göbeğinde yer alıyor. Kısa ya da uzun Antalya gezinizde/tatilinizde gezmeniz gereken merkezi noktalardan.

  • Y5XDz5b5
    19.09.2022 00:02

    Bayadır tadilatta burayı umarak oraya giderseniz hayal kırıklığına uğrarsınız ama devamındaki kale içi ve yat limanı görülmeye değer başka güzellikler.


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