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Antalya Ethnography Museum

Antalya Ethnography Museum

Antalya Ethnography Museum, in the borders of the District of Muratpaşa, is located in the III.archaeological site. A two-storey building with traces of Ottoman architecture is used as a museum. Antalya Ethnography Museum, each structure is located on a sloping area in different elevations. The museum has two basic sections, the upper mansion and the lower mansion. The number one mansion focused more on Turkish-Islamic works, while the number two mansion focused on the cultural codes of the city in Ottoman custom. For this reason, this floor offers items that people use in their daily lives. In the section which stands out with the concept of Turkish-Islamic works, the tiles brought to the Aspendos Theatre are given. Especially the ceramics produced in Kütahya or Çanakkale since the 1500s, as well as the special gas lamps or sherbets made of glass material stand out as exciting details for visitors. Again, many objects brought from the Kaleiçi excavations are presented in this floor. On one upper floor, there are the lighter pistols, gunpowder, bows and arrows often used in the Ottoman Empire. You can also witness seals, clenched watches or medals that defy years in the same section. There are examples of calligraphy from the walls of the Antalya Ethnography Museum, where extremely exciting works are displayed. In this section there is also a special area under the ‘Chamber of Religions’. This area is located at a much higher elevation than the number one mansion. Garden stairs are used to get up here. Both houses face the garden on one side and the street on the other. It is also possible to find doorknobs, saddlebags and window sashes used extensively during the Ottoman period in the entrance section of mansion number two. In this way, some architectural features of that period are presented. On the other hand, a special section is reserved for the unique Döşemealtı carpet of Antalya. Thanks to a loom, the labor given for this process has been revived.

Antalya Ethnography MuseumAntalya Ethnography MuseumAntalya Ethnography Museum


  • xbegummx
    07.10.2022 12:41

    Kale içinde gezerken görebilirsiniz, girişler ücretsiz. Ufak bir müze , tarihi bir ev dokusunda yöresel yaşam hakkında bilgi alabileceğiniz bir müze.

  • gunessygz
    05.01.2023 12:06

    Antalya yaşamı hakkında bilgi alabileceğiniz çok güzel bir yer. Kaleiçinde iki ayrı tarihi konaktan oluşuyor. Giriş ücretsiz.

  • aydinliramazzann
    15.03.2023 08:15

    Halka açık olan kaleiçide yer alan Antalya yöresinin hem geleneksel tarihi dokusu iç mimari ahşap hem giyim aksesuar yerleşik ev içi görselleriyle süslü gezilip görülmeye deyer kültür hazinemiz


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