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Altınbeşik cave

Altınbeşik cave

Altınbeşik cave, which is located within the borders of Ibradi, one of the districts of Antalya city and is very close to Ürünlü Köyü, is also intertwined with the National Park. Although there is misleading information about this, it is possible to go to the cave by car. In order to visit Altınbeşik cave during working hours, you must enter through the main gate in the bridge section of the National Park. A distance of about four kilometers is located between the village and the cave. You come to the area to experience this adrenaline-filled journey as well as to visit the cave. This is a very exciting way, especially for those with fear of heights. On the way to the cave, ‘houses with buttons’ unique to Ibrali district are seen. Altınbeşik cave is known as the largest underground lake in Turkey. When thought with its arms, the size of the cave is 2,200 meters. This of course only refers to the achievable part. The entrance part of the cave meets its visitors with a 125-foot lake. The depth of the lake rises to levels of 15 meters. In the middle, there is a large block of rock and this is a kind of bridge. In the last part of the lake, there is a steep travertine 44 meters long. Immediately afterwards, the cave continues through three separate branches. Investigations in the cave have taken place up to a stream reaching a height of eight meters. The cave is suitable for visiting only certain periods of the year. During the winter and spring seasons, the cave is closed to visitors. This place is completely filled with water during off-limits. This causes the cave to close. Altınbeşik cave is located at an altitude of 450 meters from the sea. The cave was discovered by Doctor Temujin Aygen in 1966. The interior of the cave was unearthed thanks to the work done by the Japanese and Czech teams in those years. To reach the region, Manavgat Big Waterfall Road or Konya Manavgat highway may be preferred.

Altınbeşik caveAltınbeşik caveAltınbeşik caveAltınbeşik cave


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