Victory Monument

Victory Monument

Victory Monument

Victory Monument, one of the symbolic monuments of Ankara, is located in the center of the city, in Ulus Square in Altındağ district. In 1925, it was ordered by the Turkish government to the Austrian artist Heinrich Krippel, under the leadership of the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Moreover, Krippel is hosted in Çankaya Mansion to explain the desired description with all detailed suggestions.

After the preliminary studies completed, Krippel shapes the monument and pours the mine part in the United Mine Works in Vienna. However, there is a problem. Krippel makes a mistake. In fact, this error, which does not seem to be very important, is essentially vital. Because the Turkish soldiers standing on both sides of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is depicted on his horse named Sakarya, are with the helmets used by German soldiers. As the deadline for the memorial's deadline is approaching, Krippel will be able to make any changes only after its opening.

The opening of the Victory Monument is held in front of the Sümerbank building on November 24, 1927. The opening ceremony was held by Prime Minister İsmet İnönü and the soldiers. While the Head of the Monument Committee, Yunus Nadi, made a special speech for the opening, Master Poet Mehmet Emin Yurdakul reads his poem "Zafer", which he prepared specially for the ceremony. The monument was later moved to its present location by changing its original location during the expansion of the square.

At the opening, Atatürk noticed the mistake and congratulated Krippel on it and said "You have portrayed my Turkish soldier in contemporary and civilized clothes, as I always wanted to see." he says. So that Atatürk's attitude towards art and the artist is not forgotten, neither the monument is changed nor it is removed.

Victory MonumentVictory MonumentVictory MonumentVictory Monument


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    Ankara'nın simgesi Atatürk heykeli gerçekten muhteşem sözlerle anlatılmaz görmeniz gerekir.


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