Turkish Air Association Museum

Turkish Air Association Museum

Turkish Air Association Museum

Ankara, which has the most important museums in Turkey, is an ideal city for a cultural tour. One of the most visited museums in the city is the Turkish Air Association Museum, which has been in service since 19 May 2002. Located within the Ulus as a location, the museum occupies an indoor area of 290 square meters. The open space of the Turkish Air Association Museum covers an area of over 5000 square meters. It is also possible to encounter the historic Parachute Tower in the campus belonging to the museum. The original planes wait in line in the garden part of the museum for visitors. The purpose of the establishment of the museum is to reveal the works that Turkish Air Corporation has done in this field since its establishment with documents and materials, and to transfer this to future generations. In each hall in the museum, showcases lined up side by side are seen. In these showcases, medals, posters, models, photographs and documents are displayed. In particular, presentations on the field of Civil Aviation are appreciated by the visitors. A special section is reserved for Polymath Ahmet Çelebi, who has an important place in the history of Turkish aviation. Models that portray his flight from Galata to Üsküdar color the display cases. A separate part called the “Pilot Lodge” is also created in the museum yard. Visitors can study this area in detail and even gain experience jumping from the tower under the control of teachers. The Turkish Air Association Museum can be visited between 08.30 and 17.30. The museum can be visited every day except Monday. Entrance to the museum is completely free of charge. This special museum, also abbreviated as THK Museum, is affiliated to Altindag district. According to the official statistics described here, approximately 15 thousand people visit each year. If you want to examine old Turkish Airlines uniforms, models, stamps issued on behalf of THK and images of Turkey's first aircraft factory, the Turkish Air Association Museum is a place you should visit.

Turkish Air Association MuseumTurkish Air Association MuseumTurkish Air Association MuseumTurkish Air Association Museum


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