Tunali Hilmi Street

Tunali Hilmi Street

Tunali Hilmi Street

Tunali Hilmi Street is one of the most popular streets in Ankara. This particular street, which is the subject of books, poems and films, manages to become a symbol of the city. Tunali Hilmi Street, which is very popular with young and old people, is located in Çankaya District. There are many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity of Tunali Hilmi Street, which is located in Kavaklıdere District. Tunali Hilmi, whose street is named, is considered one of the most valuable politicians in Turkey. Tunali Hilmi, who died in 1928, leaves all his assets to the state and gives his name to one of the most important streets of Ankara, high state officials, who does not want to leave this important gesture in return. Tunali Hilmi Street has undergone many changes in the historical process. With the recent changes, the face of the street almost changes and becomes much more attractive. The street, which is one of the places that even those who come to Ankara from outside the city want to see as a priority, offers great human views. It is possible to encounter large crowds here until late at night. The street is compared to Bagdat Street and Cordon as of construction. Tunali Hilmi Street, which is the city's main attraction, starts from Esat Street and ends at Kugulu Park. In decommissioned periods, it is closed to automobile traffic from time to time. Tunali Hilmi Street, which is one of the focal points of the city culturally and socially, is a very different level, especially in terms of crowds on weekends. The street and its surroundings can be easily preferred for shopping or having fun. During all this exploration you can take a break in the cafes on the street and enjoy this historic street. The location is close to an attractive location such as Kugulu Park, which offers a different advantage. Inside the Kugulu Park, you may encounter a statue of Tunali Hilmi.

Tunali Hilmi StreetTunali Hilmi StreetTunali Hilmi StreetTunali Hilmi Street


  • muratball
    08.09.2023 09:36

    Kalben-Yara dinlerken Kuğulu' da buldum kendimi :)

  • patr10
    02.10.2022 13:09

    Esat Caddesi'nden başlar yanlış bir bilgi olmuş..

  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.07.2022 06:51

    Kugulu parkı,sevimli pasajlarıyla her tür insanın olduğu ama park sıkıntısının çok yaşandığı semtlerin başında geliyor.


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