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Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museum

Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museum

The Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museum, which is among the favorite museums of the people of Ankara, is considered among the contemporary museums rather than classical museums. The construction process of this special museum, located in the District of Çankaya as a location, begins in 2003. Its construction continues continuously for four years. In this long process, it is not only the completion of the building that will house the museum, but also the collections that will be displayed inside are finalized. Although the museum was largely made ready in 2007, its inauguration sag in 2009. The Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museum, which houses a seven-storey building in total, occupies an area of 5 thousand square meters. The museum includes hobby workshops, library, café, gift shop and exhibition halls. A special section is created for Adnan Turani, especially in the space where contemporary plastic arts are in focus. He is, in a sense, an Honored Artist of the museum. During the year, there are special events for both domestic and foreign visitors. The existence of the museum makes a very important contribution to the development of Contemporary Arts. Because this place functions both as a museum and as a workshop space. In this sense, it can be said that the museum serves in an integrated way with the Cultural Center. Very important works bearing the signature of Mustafa Ayaz find a place in the first three floors of the museum. Roof sections are used more for hobby workshops. On the second floor there is a parking lot with a capacity of 35 cars. Around 65 works of Mustafa Ayaz are presented to visitors at the venue. These works are created in watercolor, oil paint or pastel. Especially for young artists who are prepared for fine arts high schools or faculties, the exhibition hall and the museum are a great source of notices.

Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts MuseumMustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts MuseumMustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts MuseumMustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Arts Museum


  • ezgicam
    26.09.2022 08:27

    Üst katlarda Mustafa Ayaz'ın tablolarının sergilendiği, giriş katında küçük bir sergi salonunun olduğu güzel bir yapı. Yalnız soğuk havalarda gezmenizi tavsiye etmem çünkü mekan çok geniş ve ortasında da boşluk olduğu için soğuk oluyor.


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