Mehmetçik Monument

Mehmetçik Monument

Mehmetçik Monument

The Mehmetçik Monument, located in Ankara, is also referred in some sources as the ‘Stop Passenger Monument’. The Mehmetçik Monument, which has a total height of 22 meters, is located in the District of Polatlı. It is built in memory of the people who lost their lives as a result of the Battle of Sakarya Square. As it is known, this battle also forms a very important pillar of the Liberation War and the resistance process. The Mehmetçik Monument, which is situated on Kartaltepe, is 6 km away from the district center. Next to the monument,there is the Sakarya Square War Panoramic Museum. The laying of the foundations of this museum coincides with the sculpture. Kartaltepe, home to the Mehmetçik Monument, as it is known, passed under the control of the enemy in 1921; however, the enemy is not allowed to advance any further here. Bayonet attacks prevent enemy soldiers. Mehmetçik Monument which has a very impressive appearance is built by Assoc. Dr. Sait Rustem. It has a total height of 32 meters along with its pedestal section. The statue itself is around 22 meters. There are eight reliefs on top of the pedestal. From the bus station to take the buses to Polatlı will be sufficient in terms of transportation. The project related to the Mehmetçik Monument is put forward by the General Staff. This project carries the purpose and motivation of transferring the Battle of Sakarya to new generations. A large Turkish flag was later placed at the site of the Mehmetçik Monument on the E-90 highway. Many important names participate in the opening of this wonderful monument, which can be seen by those who come to Ankara on the road thanks to the railway. Mustafa Koç, who undertook the construction of the monument to a large extent, is at the beginning of these names. Binali Yildirim, the Minister of Transport at the time, and Yaşar Büyükanit, the Chief of the General Staff, also honor the opening.

Mehmetçik MonumentMehmetçik MonumentMehmetçik MonumentMehmetçik Monument


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