Fairytale Island

Fairytale Island

Fairytale Island

Ankara is perceived as a colorless and gray city from the outside, but this is largely due to the fact that it is a bureaucratic city. The sense of distance being a capital city will break immediately when you start spending time here. Ankara is on the way to being a very colorful and energetic city, contrary to what is seen from outside. Most of the recent investments are directed towards this. Fairytale Island is also known as Wonderland. The area, which has a fairytale atmosphere that will give it its name, appeals to visitors of all ages. It is one of the largest areas opened with this theme in Europe. When you arrive at Fairytale Island, you may encounter a large number of cartoon, fairy tale or animated characters. In this sense, it also offers a sense nostalgia opportunity for adults. Fairy tale Island, which is installed in a giant area of 1 million 320 thousand square meters, is almost a place that touring is not enough. You can relieve all the stress of daily life by visiting the fairytale land, which contains the unforgettable superheroes that expand the horizons of our dream world. The area receives a great deal of attention from families with children, especially on weekends. The colorful landscapes and decor in fairytale land, which always manages to be very cheerful and energetic, enable you to reinforce this atmosphere. There is also an interesting plateau reflecting the Stone Age. In order to make a pleasant journey in the time tunnel, you can travel in the plateau for a long time. You can take a boat tour in the lake area or go for activities such as Go-Karts. On the other hand, there are skateboarding rinks, golf courses and an amusement park. It is also possible to attend adult and children's theatres throughout the year. Many of the events or trails organized by private businesses are charged. Although it remains open until 19:00 in the evening in winter, this period is kept a little longer in summer.

Fairytale IslandFairytale IslandFairytale IslandFairytale Island


  • zeynpbalcii
    26.07.2022 09:39

    otoparkı var mı acaba

  • Sevda Gürbüz
    12.08.2021 15:22

    her defasında bıkmadan gittigim en gle nce yerlerinden biryer masal adası herkesiz özellikle cocukların görmesi gereken biryer


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