Lausanne Park

Lausanne Park

Lausanne Park

Lausanne Park, which is one of the places that has not seen the value it deserves for a long time, is located in the District of Çankaya. The park has become the main topic of conversation in recent years by attempts at constant change. The Lausanne Park is reopened almost every year. In fact, this situation becomes a joke for the people of Ankara. The Lausanne Park, opposite a very important and busy shopping centre, is explored by more people after the experienced mobility and renovations. Inside the park, there are currently quite fashionable football and basketball courts. This area is also considered as a picnic area. When you come here with your loved ones, you may encounter many restaurants, cafes or hiking trails. In the entrance section of Lausanne Park, which is very popular with people who want to cool off during the scorching summer months, the children's garden meets you first. Picnic tables are also located on the banks of the section where this park is located. During the winter months, a large majority of these tables remain empty. The area of Lausanne Park, which has a relatively calm atmosphere despite being in an important position, has been dormant for many years. Areas covered by green are expanded at each regeneration stage of the park. Lausanne Park, which is preferred primarily by families with children, is recently organized with the contributions of Çankaya Municipality. Transportation to the park the people must walk to the area of the court after the front section of the Atakule. When you come to the junction, if you do not turn to Oran and cross directly across, you will encounter the guiding signs associated with Lausanne Park. As soon as you see the big mall, you can cross over and start strolling through the park. There is also a parking lot in the park with restaurant and tea gardens. Obstacles were made to the proper ramp arrangement for the cars.

Lausanne ParkLausanne ParkLausanne Park


  • ardacetinkaya
    05.10.2022 06:56

    Başarılı bir park bence aileler ve çocuklar için hem yeşilliklerle dolu hemde ailelerin gelip rahatlıkla takılıp çocuklarını eğlendirebileceği bir park herkese tavsiye ederim


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